Copper Pipe
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• ASTM B88 (Seamless Copper Water Tube)
• ASTM B280 (Seamless Copper Tube for ACR)
• ASTM B837 (Seamless Copper Tube for Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas Distribution Systems)
• ASTM B306 (Copper for Drainage Tube (DWV))
• ASTM B75 (Seamless Copper Tube)

CB Supplies offers a quality line of third party certified copper pipe equivalent to any North American produced pipe.

Copper plumbing pipe is available in all types ranging from K, L, M, DWV, G/Gas and ACR for residential and commercial applications in standard industry diameters and supplied in varying lengths of coils or standard straight lengths.

CB Supplies also offers a line of capped and degreased ACR coils for the residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration markets