LYNX-PEXTM Water Service

Introducing Municipal LYNX-PEX Water Service Tubing: Nothing LYNX Better!

Designed for seamless and efficient water distribution, manufactured in Canada by CB Supplies. LYNX-PEX Water Service Tubing is engineered to surpass the requirements of all codes and standards pertaining to municipal water services.

Experience maximum flow rates, impeccable resistance to corrosion, and enjoy its lightweight, flexible, and enduring nature – making it the ultimate choice for on-site installations.

Advantages of LYNX-PEX Water Service Tubing:  

Exceptional Durability: 6-month UV protection, maximum chlorine resistance rating for PEX and burst pressure that exceeds industry requirements.

Maximum Flow Rates: LYNX-PEX boasts a smoother wall surface than copper service lines, resulting in reduced pumping energy costs and higher flow rates.

Superior Corrosion Resistance: Thanks to its material properties, LYNX-PEX is resistant to common copper service line issues like mineral build-up and corrosion, ensuring a lifetime of delivering high-quality water to consumers. 

Flexible and Lightweight: Installing LYNX-PEX is a breeze, saving you time and effort.


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