Hydronic System Solutions

VIPERT PE-RT and CANPEX Oxygen Barrier PEX-b Tubing

For 20+ years, CB Supplies has served the North American hydronics market with quality radiant tubing systems. We proudly manufacture our VIPERT Oxygen Barrier PE-RT and CANPEX Oxygen Barrier PEX-b tubing at our extrusion plant in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Trusted by a loyal customer base, we provide a system complete with radiant tubing, manifolds and accessories, combined with our expert in-house hydronic services which includes LoopCAD design and layouts, tailored to meet the specific needs of your residential and commercial projects.


VIPERT PE-RT Tubing for Exceptional Hydronic Solutions

VIPERT PE-RT Oxygen Barrier tubing offers unparalleled flexibility and relaxed memory, making it much easier when installing tubing loops.

Compatibility with various joining methods: Insert (crimp), push-fit, and cold expansion fittings. It demonstrates impressive hydrostatic strength at high temperatures and burst pressures. Tailored specifically for hydronic systems, including radiant heating and cooling and snow/ice melt, VIPERT is versatile and reliable.

VIPERT is also a sustainable choice with 100% recyclability, including packaging. It also requires less energy during production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, showcasing our environmental responsibility.

For more info on our VIPERT PE-RT, download our resources below:

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CANPEX Oxygen Barrier PEX-b Tubing for Radiant Heating and Cooling

Engineered to provide strong mechanical properties, unparalleled chemical resistance, and durability. Ideal for hydronic systems like radiant heating, cooling and snow/ice melt. Both VIPERT PE-RT and CANPEX PEX-b exceed North American standards and come complete with a 25-year warranty.

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IVAR Radiant Manifolds

Precision-manufactured in Italy, our IVAR stainless steel manifolds are ideal for the distribution of heating and cooling fluids for radiant systems along with snow/ice melting systems. Our manifolds have been integrated into a wide range of residential and commercial projects, leveraging the attributes of hydronics to establish a comfortable setting in every household or workspace.

Thanks to its intuitive design with flow meters equipped with lockshields for each loop, our IVAR manifolds ensure a perfect system balance, avoid energy waste and promote ultimate thermal comfort.


All-in-One Manifold Sets for Contractors

IVAR Radiant Manifold sets arrive complete in one box, streamlining installation. Featuring manual shutoff valves and optional actuators (electrothermal heads), they enable precise circuit control via a controller or space thermostat. Choose from two header sizes (1” and 1 ¼” high capacity) and configurations of 6 to 12 loops to match your design layout.


For more information on our IVAR Manifolds, download our resources below:

Visit Resources for SubmittalsTechnical Data Sheets & Installation Instructions.

To speak to a sales representative or to learn more about IVAR manifolds, contact us at: salesinfo@cbsupplies.ca